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Thuong temple vestiges - Lao Cai city

Strolling around a system of temples and pagodas in Lao Cai city, visitors seem to feel the past alive of which, the Thuong temple worshiping Grand Duke Tran Hung Dao is the most interested one. Despite restoration. This temple is characterized by an old architecture with a system of "exterior three door temple gate", "interior three door", "harem" and "the right and left houses'. The harem is located on the hilltop with 8 dragons under the Tran dynasty attending around and an out standing stele engraved with a legend of the Duc Thanh Tran temple. "The temple was built under the Le dynasty, in the Chinh Hoa years (1680 - 1750).....It stands quietly on the Mai Linh hilltop, looking down to the Nam Thi river...'. Also in he Thuong temple complex, there is an old banyan tree standing majestically over years. Together with Mau temple, Thuong temple is a traditional cultural evidence of Viet people in the country's border area.

According to the old people, Thuong temple is a very sacred one and attracting more and more youth couples and the elderly to make a pilgrimage, to pray for good fortune and visit pagodas. It is especially crowed in the 15th day festival or lunar January.

Lao Cai border gate

Lao Cai border gate is only 1 km far from the railway station. You can get there by Taxi or motorbike (Xe om) Here you'll see China clearly, take pictures, have some drinks right at the Thuy Hoa park next to Red river, you can also go shopping at Bitis's building where many kinds of goods are shown to sell.

Coc Leu market

Coc Leu market is the biggest market in Lao Cai province; it has two parts of Coc Leu One and Coc Leu Two. In this market you can see and buy plenty of Vietnamese and Chinese goods. In Coc Leu One you can buy clothes, souvenirs, house hold applicants such as TV, VCD player, Cell phone...In Coc Leu Two you can buy food, house hold applicants, herbal medicine, sandals, shoes...

Nhac Son Park

Nhac Son park is situated right at the centre of Lao Cai city, once you come you'll be attracted by its fresh air while walking around the lake, when you're tired you can have a seat around the lake and get some drinks, if you are hungry and want to try Lao Cai food, please come to Viet Plaza Restaurant or Asian Restaurant where the cooks serve you fresh and delicious dishes as you want.


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