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High Quality Bus from Sapa to Ha Long Bay

We have opened the new route from Sapa to Ha Long Bay and vice-versa. It is more convenience for tourists who can save the time for your short traveling, you still can visit most of favorite places in the northern Vietnam.

Just one night, the time for sleeping, when your wake up, you are already stay in the new place and you feel that the distance of 500km is very small challenge.

This is the first route connect between 2 famoust tourist sites in Vietnam: Sapa and Halong Bay Wonder. It is also connect 2 international Boder Gates: Mong Cai in Quang Ninh and Lao Cai.

High Quality Bus from Sapa to Ha Long Bay

We provide newest Huyndai Universe from Korea, come with 46 soft sleeper berths, equipped with LCD Moniter, headphones, warm blankets.

Schedules (High quality bus departures daily in Sapa & Halong)
Route Departure time    Arrival time    
Sapa - Halong Bay 17:00 06:30am
Halong Bay - Sapa 17:00 06:30am
Tickets Prices
Sapa - Halong Bay US$19        
Halong Bay - Sapa US$19


Please Contact for Reservation:
+ Hot-line: +84 916 725 787
+ Email:
+ Send request through CONTACT FORM


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